Senior Electrical Engineer

Full-Time in Boston, MA

Synex Medical is developing the next generation of non-invasive health sensors to allow for continuous monitoring at the molecular level. Our technology is based on novel techniques in magnetic resonance that allow us to accurately measure critical blood-metabolites like glucose completely non-invasively and in highly miniaturized form-factors. We want people to have access to their own metabolism and to make predictive healthcare the norm.

We are an incredibly driven team that are working with the leading experts in our field. We’re looking for a person with experience in electrical engineering who’s ambitious to tackle hard and exciting problems.

    As a Senior Electrical Engineer, you will:

    • Design complex analog/digital hardware & firmware architecture.
    • Work with multi-disciplinary teams including physicists and machine learning engineers to develop a complex medical device.

      We are looking for someone with:

      • 5+ years experience with both analog and digital hardware design.
      • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, robotics or equivalent.
      • Extremely detail oriented and consistent.
      • Takes personal pride in high standard of outputs.
      • Clear and concise written and verbal communication skills.
      • Self-motivated and self-managing.
      • Ability to work in a highly technical, fast paced environment solving complex problems.


      • Programming languages including C, C++, and Assembly. Familiarity with Python, VHDL, and Verilog are preferred.
      • Experience with microcontroller/microprocessor ecosystems and memory management: including RAM, ROM and Flash, and how to develop software where memory is a premium.
      • Experience with FPGA development: including embedded Linux (Zynq and Vivado).


      • Ability to design PCBs from concept and simulation to schematic capture to layout.
      • Test functionality, run signal analysis, debug, assemble, and test complex integrated circuits and their components.
      • Thorough understanding of high-frequency electronics, RF signal integrity and low-noise design.
      • Interface with other hardware engineers to define requirements, develop system-level architecture and participate in design reviews.
      • Adept at high-speed data acquisition design.
      • Proficient at RF and analog simulation (SPICE, EM solvers).
      • Solid understanding of electro-magnetic radiation, antennas.
      • Proficient at Digital, and analog circuit design.
      • Adept with micro-processor systems, programmable logic, and high-level I/O sub-systems, data acquisition elements.
      • Proficient with intra-, and inter-system I/O interfaces, and protocols.
      • Firmware development, low-level hardware programming.
      • Able to debug hardware, and software.

        Nice to haves:

        • Experience with and/or understanding of analytical spectroscopy and spectroscopic signals.
        • Medical device development experience including IEC 60601-1.
        • Familiarity with material compliance standards such as RoHS and REACH.
        • Experience with automated testing of electronics.


          • Competitive salary and company ownership opportunities.
          • Unlimited paid time off.
          • A friendly and accepting work atmosphere.
          • Employee training and development initiatives and support for career advancement (through financial assistance and flexible scheduling).
          • Flexibility in working schedule.
          • Staff outings / social events.